800 Words but bedda

Australia has voted in favour of gay marriage. Over 60% of Australians have agreed that legalising gay marriage should be approved by the Federal Government and thus follow New Zealand’s lead. We will now have wives and wives and husbands and husbands on both sides of the Tasman.  Can’t get my head around a guy talking about his husband or a girls about her wife. Also, many will have children by adoption, use surrogates, and soon, no doubt; designer babies. These kids will have either two mothers or two fathers which, I believe is unsatisfactory. It is so important for the well being  of a child to give him or her a proper balance in life only achieved with caring parents of both sex.

Today, I was rear-ended by a local chef. Not a pleasant experience. The Bombay Blue bottle took a big hit when I arrived home in Akaroa. While in our town house in Christchurch I had just cleaned our near-new Corolla to remove streaks of cow manure along the lower doors and baked-on lakeflys on the bonnet and grill that pepper the car whilst travelling alongside Lake Forsyth. Nicky was remaining in town for the night, organising baby equipment for the imminent arrival of our Scottish granddaughter Ava   with son Jamie and daughter in law Samantha, while I  travelled back to Akaroa to catch up on some accounting and tax work. Cruise ship number 5 of 77 for the season was anchored in Akaroa Harbour opposite Wainui. The Golden Princess with 2624 passengers and 1100 crew had arrived in the early hours of Monday 20th November and the usual convoy of buses were returning from Christchurch with full loads of cruise ship passengers on a road entirely unsuitable for twenty-plus buses per visit to travel on a very regular basis. Little wonder, one, so far, has left the road on the downhill leg from the Hilltop.

I was driving sedately behind a silver Nissan, itself being behind a white Ritchies bus following a red Suzuki being driven at grossly erratic speeds. Behind me was an immaculate blue 1995 Ford Falcon EF. On the long straight road to the top of the hill out of Takamatua through the olive groves, the Suzuki stopped for no reason. The bus stopped. The Nissan stopped. I stopped and glanced in my rear vision mirror. To my horror the blue Ford completely filled the mirror a split second before a bone-jarring crash in my rear end. This was my first road accident in  59 years of driving.  Ironically, the damage to his car, which he was bringing back to Akaroa from the panel beater after a German tourist in a campervan had backed into it whist parked in Rue Lavaud,  was far greater than to the Toyota. The chef was distraught. The car was his baby and the prospect of returning to Christchurch for more body work filled him with despair. I was not offered a free meal at his restaurant, nor would I have accepted. I suspect the food may well not be up to a good standard for a while until he calms down.

Jacinda Ardern , our new PM continues to get under the skin of the Australians, persisting with her desire to bring in a bunch of refugees from Manus Island. How short-sighted. She risks still further restrictions being imposed on Kiwis travelling, living and investing in Australia. The Australians have a poor record in the treatment of their indigenous residents and are now striving to make amends. At the same time keeping a lid on immigration is paramount for them with millions hovering on their doorstep, just a relatively short boat-trip away. The radical Muslim element within the country too, is taking up a tremendous amount of police time and costing millions of dollars for the surveillance of these idiots. It is no wonder the refugee issue is so sensitive. A back-door entry to Australia from New Zealand is the last thing they want for more of the same. And with the One Nation Party set to hold the balance of power in Queensland, with either Annastacia Palaszczuk or Tim Nicholls,  tightening up of the borders may well be on the cards. One senses a deterioration in our special relationship with our neighbour since the change of government here.

Jacinda also raises the ire of the average educated Kiwi who has taken the trouble to learn and pronounce the Queen’s English with her use of words like “somethink” and “gonna” and “bedda” (better). And she is a member of the Labour “Pardy”.  It may be an orthodontic problem causing her careless speech! Perhaps she should take to tweeting like our infamous American President and perfect the art of waving her arms with forefinger and thumb emphasis to draw attention away from those molars. Trump’s arm-waving works well as a distraction from the wig that is always wong.

I promised a recipe; this one for salad dressing but not for a lettuce salad. Lettuce, in my opinion is bland and disgusting – unable to be digested by me so is avoided like the plague. It should be fed only to rabbits or Vegans to wrap their lentils in. My salads, eaten each day, comprise most, but not all (in the same salad), of the following:  grated carrot, cucumber, tomatoe, chopped apple, raisins, avocado, chopped celery, walnuts, feta cheese. Nicky had unforgivably retained her salad dressing in Christchurch so I made up my own with soy sauce, olive oil, seed mustard, red wine, balsamic vinegar , a little water and finely chopped herbs from the garden. Don’t ask me the quantities of each, I will never be able to repeat the same taste but it did the job well.

With luck, I may find time for more words of wisdom before Christmas but if not, I do wish you and your loved ones a very happy and enjoyable celebration on that very special day.




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