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GENESIS – In the beginning

At the ripe old age of (nearly) 75, I have decided to set up a blog site and share with family and friends, insights, ideas, news and views, some philosophical thoughts, the odd short story and perhaps even a recipe (but not for disaster).

One of the great blessings of old age is that one is able to see the world in a wider perspective. I say this because with the benefit of many years of experience, and a lifetime of observation of world and local events, the awareness of days before rapidly-evolving and emerging technology, the mad-cap pace of life now compared with say, 60 years ago, and, I believe, the degradation of our quality of life over that period; has given those of us who are still able to express ourselves clearly and sensibly, a unique place in the world to pass on some of our  long-gathered knowledge to the younger generations.

To some degree, I have imparted those thoughts in my autobiography “Sunrise Over Scarborough”  but a small book like that was not quite the vehicle for any sort of extensive philosophy. This blog site may suit admirably to enunciate my ideas. I plan to keep it interesting, controversial and conversational.

Meantime, I continue with my first novel which is now close to its 18 month anniversary if there is such a thing. Writing such a large tome is hard and lonely work. I am currently up to 48,000 words which is just short of novella size. Another 10,000 words  approximately, will see it at a reasonable level for publishing which, I hope will not be too far distant. I plan to print a limited edition and gift copies to family and friends. If it proves to merit some further output to the wider community, so be it – I may oblige!

How strange it is, that when I left high school some 57 years ago, my thoughts were to study journalism. That did not happen and I struggled with accountancy for so long without the desire to write, until retirement age. The working years of ones life are, looking back, one mad race of bringing up children, paying down a huge mortgage, dealing with people – some pleasant – some downright unpleasant or dishonest or obnoxious and somehow getting through that period with a dollar or two in the bank to cater for the needs of life in the “last lane”. My accountancy background steers me towards giving advice to those who have not yet retired to ensure they have a plan to set up a retirement fund early for those latter years that arrive far more quickly than we think. A business should always work to a business plan, otherwise it just drifts along at the whims of the owners and the economy. Likewise, so should we individuals set up a plan as early as possible in life. The economy will wax and wane over the years – it always has. Getting in early will even out those blips in the graph and with a diverse range of investments and constant monetary top-ups, retirement will be comfortable and fun.

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